The Garden

The sun burned upon their garden,
melting the ice which nested there.
Old memories resurfaced as the statues weeped,
spring had come and with it came flowers fair
Rebirth from sun where ash became fire and bone to meat.
A whole garden blooming with lilies and dahlias
friends returning with haste
for they knew soon they’d share summer’s embrace

Their statues with tears shed and nothing else to give
turned their gaze to what once had been.
To guard against the ever closer creeping frost,
giving way for brighter days,
succumbed in a light that has yet to be seen.
And the droplets of tears shed, sprung from the past to the future
as a warning to those who came next
winter could come and that winter could stay
giving no child or un-bearing adult rest
until a grave unattended is all that is left.