Change of heart

What is this beat my heart so eagerly pursues
A stroke of light and hope it never seizes to abuse
I was created with frail bones and dirty skin
lasting only by keeping it all within

This bloomed me into a hollow man wielding wavering smiles on bloated lips
hiding everything I knew and felt behind a wall made of fleshy bricks
still my heart, and maybe even my soul, demanded hope to thrive
even though I must have given up long ago in another life

Were I so kind to dismantle myself and reveal to all my heart
maybe then I could grow strong without ever falling apart
but here I stand naked and bare worded in front of what I called defeat
and now I must alter my words to let it become my victory complete

This house is my jail as long as it is treated as such
And while I still draw breath, a change of heart is needed much
A cage can be a home to those afraid to fly
but fear not, nothing will last beyond forever, I am yet not afraid to die