I hung from the umbilical cord
A fruit from a world unknown
A noose made of flesh and love
Binding me to my mother's blood
Cut these ropes and I shall fall
Back to where I once came
A womb with loving walls
Hiding me from sin and shame
Loved by my own
inside my mother's room
Chewing away the dust from moon
Afraid to step into the light of sun
There's not space enough inside this womb
Wish I could crawl out to live
What flavors I'd taste that the world had
What flowers the world I'd give
To leave this room so mad
Tightly beating her heart next to mine
Reminding me that my life is borrowed
A life most undefined
By its insignificance to me bestowed
I'm an infant unknown in a world too known
I will hang myself with my mother's old umbilical cord

And I wake once more