Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are the petals of my long lost love's rose

I now accept that path that you in ancient times hastily chose

And Wings of ravens have become the sound that you make when you speak

They are your tongue with their raven clothed words, no longer pale and no longer bleak

And No more do you smile, you lie in repose in our open bed of love

silent you Stare up at the burning heavens above

And even though it's next to you that I lie, 

it seems to me that my eyes have found a different sky

What wonders have it we stare at the same tree through different times

You see it blooming and I see a withering thing waiting to die

The heavens cursed the heathens heaving us down with their dirt

A burial with the semi dead, their gravel staining my buttoned up shirt

Alas the heavens were untouched by their simple symphony

Quick they threw in the cloak of unquestioned evil tyranny 

And so I am sorry that I must add that in the end no one cried

Not even I, my tears had since long dried

So hushed the autumn leaves fell from the plucked rose

Down upon this grave you too hastily chose