Tears that became doves

I've shed my tears in my childhood

Now I spend life trying to regain that mood of lust

Whatever trust in myself I had confide

With no masks or sides

Just a frail smile weakly broken

A hollow core hardly proven

No morality, only thoughts of mortality

I'm moving like a ghost of a memory

A reflection projected on a side of dreams I've forgotten that I could see

Seeing thunder painting gray skies to a more blooming light

Red colored snow rising into abysses where there is none to feel

A memory rediscovered, were I really that shallow?

What fruity tears I've shed for something I cannot meet

Slowly carving myself hollow with someone else's teeth 

What taste I have found in delights not part of me

I'd like to forget where I was born, start anew where I can sow

A life not taken in the place of my own, can I really ask for more?

A child's love ever pure, twisted heart strung by ropes

Hoisted on the branches of the world and with all to see

The bruised, beaten and lame thing that became of me

I grit my teeth as the rope tightens to a close

Sent from my womb into the arms of hope

Crowned silly and spoiled, even if I was starved to the bone

Here at the end of the world, truly I have found my home.