The choice that should have been mine

What wonders in the world was created first and rediscovered after long rest far from the past and age it had come to know? How many of these wonders are left undiscovered, yet to be unearthed, to be found and grounded once more in the hearts of the descendants of their creators? The distance between the hearts of creation and of the beholders is so vast that they don’t necessarily have to be the same kind, they could be something other than human, but they are human, and so we know our heritage. The language that they spoke, the words they portrayed their poetry and their drama, it laid the foundation of what we are today, from so far away, to here where their hearts never stayed. Will our wonders of today leave this earth to be discovered later on by others, that will look upon us as we look back 2000 years in bewildered thought and imagination? How much of it will change? What values will the things created now have later in life meeting the crescendo of our species? None of us, no matter what age we were in born, had the choice of life. We just simply was. Created out of love, or greed, or need, or hate, or crime, or comfort, or companionship, or labour. Our lives had meaning to some extent, but meaning and definition can be blurred by ages come and ages gone. What is my definition now does not determine my definition tomorrow. If I was born from love, I could be needed for comfort later. It is unwise to think about tomorrow, it is another you, with another purpose, with another desire to do with this life that they had been with bestowed. To one who stares in from the window glass and watches upon the despicable forms that the human takes on each day, what masks it decides to wear on that particular occasion, it must be so strange to see this undefined line of almost outlandish behavior rationalized and idealized into laws and governments of human society. Humans are still animals, dictated by hierarchies and pretending to be better than the other animals for they have the ability to wear clothes over their naked skin, to conceal lies with masks and false smiles. In truth it is just so that our barbaric nature enforces a more aggressive society, we are nothing more than wolves in suits and we have been since the birth of our kind. I could not stand being born  and the thought of giving birth to the same pain in a creature that would be my child, that thought I found repulsive. My children would be lesser than me as I was lesser than my parents. Dictated by this hierarchy of age and experience. No one asked me if I wanted this. I wish I had received that question.