I have been sleeping for sixteen days
or 16 hours
or 16 weeks
It’s hard to tell
Time is cloudy when you sleep
it doesn’t matter in your dreams
I slept for a very long time and I woke up as someone else
I don’t recognise my face in the mirror anymore
I woke up in a stranger’s body
That face is not me
it has never been

I don’t know who I am anymore
All I was, was that face which has never been me
How do I wake from this?
dreams that I must be experiencing
how do I make them go away?

I don’t want this reality
I want something else
for 16 hours I was unaware
16 weeks I saw myself like something other
Where the trees has stopped growing
where the ocean is always still
Where the wind has been silenced
there I spent my 16 days
A dead husk of something beautiful that was
I don’t want to die
but I don’t want to be
I wish to passively cease
and make this face my own, a friend
might I always be a stranger
but never shall I dream and be in pain
it is the time I spent 16 years not knowing who I was
that I dread to fall back into again