Eternity's grace

For a second or an eternity, it was hard to tell, they all disappeared from my vision and I sat alone in darkness, no eyes to judge or any real semblance of a living thing, no doctor, no woman, no children. Just me alone upon my chair. I was dreaming, or I must have been, I was awake or sleeping, realising soon I was in the middle of a black hole swallowing tons of stars in its whirlpool of inducing and alluring force of gravity. As the stars screamed and ceased I sat still, watching the rays of colors devoured and sunken deep into a place of no radiance or any celestial body, simply a hole in something cosmic and unspoken. Otherworldly it was, scarce I shudder, if anything where I live could be this dark and be so beautiful that my very eyes cannot stare away from its gravitational grace, then oh humanity would be ruined in the blink of an eye, or an eternity as it was hard to tell. Soon though, after enjoying the bits of stars still lingering and being devoured by this abyssal hole, I saw myself descending above and into the same whirlpool that the stars had been caught in, but I was not devoured nor did my radiance seize even for a second. More magnificent a star had I not ever witnessed, birthed new or dying old, my skin was dressed in the flames of even a brighter existence than theirs for they were blue and red intertwining, reaching into the parts of each other to complete the unfinished and bury the already done, the light was so bright I had look away, just for a second, though I was driven back shortly to gaze in awe of the descension of this other me, but then I heard myself speak.
“How can it be so that in a place where there is no light, that it is I who shine so brilliantly, I who am no sun or moon, why do I embody the radiance that this abyssal hole cannot swallow?”

In the moment that the last words were spoken I realised that I was staring at a mirage and that I never had been seated and always had I been falling.